Check a listing carefully to understand if a product is pre-made and ready to ship or if the product is ordered before it’s handmade.

Both are handmade but the pre-made is shipment ready while the made-to-order products take 2-3 weeks to be created for you.

Look for the following image if a product is ready for shipment immediately:

Our company ships through the following carrier


We always love creating new products from scratch.

Please contact us for a quote.

Custom orders can have a lengthier processing time.

Ask us for details.

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*Try to put off washing as long as possible. We suggest spraying product with a protectant such as scotch guard. If you must wash, try hand washing first with a mild detergent and then let air dry. If product must be put into washing machine follow these steps:

*Place product in pillow case and secure with elastic band.

*Machine should be set to cold/cold and on gentle.

*Use a mild detergent

*Let product air dry

*Wallets are hand wash only*

*Products may be ironed on fabric part only, do not iron on mesh, faux leather, or faux suede.

Your product(s) can be damaged if:

*Washed incorrectly

*Ironed incorrectly

Yes! We love to offer wholesale deals. Contact Us to further discuss wholesale terms and conditions.